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Over the years we’ve worked hard to create the best possible experience for our customers to make sure that you get value for money as well as lessons that are well suited to the student’s age and musical ability.

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My child is aged 5-7yrs old. Can I book them in for a lesson?


If your child is aged between 5 - 7 they would be perfect for our Kids Music School. This runs on Saturday mornings from 9am onwards. Our KMS sessions are designed to give your child a fun based introduction to music. Each session lasts 30 minutes. During the session your child will have the opportunity to play all of the instruments we teach, guitar, drums & keyboards as part of a band.

Can my 5-7yr old book an individual lesson instead of KMS?

We offer individual lessons from age 8 and above. In our experience this is the perfect age to start learning in a 1-to-1 environment. Our individual lessons are more detailed than the KMS sessions and students aged 8 upwards have the right amount of focus to get the most out of their lessons. We recommend joining our Kids Music School until they hit the right age. Lots of our students have progressed from KMS sessions into individual lessons.


Should I come into the lesson with my child?

Completely up to you. We suggest that your child spends 1-on-1 time with their tutor, in our experience it makes the lessons effective and serves as a really positive experience for your child's social development. All of our tutors have been advanced DBS checked as part of their enrolment so your child is safe with our tutors. 

Do you offer group lessons?

Our instrument specific lessons are only 1-to-1. Every student picks things up at a different pace and finds particular aspects of learning an instrument challenging. For this reason, we’ve decided to only teach our instruments individually.


This also allows our tutors to give each student feedback specific to their own personal progression. They can work towards targets like grade exams or finishing their favourite songs at a pace that’s right for them.


How much will a term cost?

Our term dates match the school calendar meaning we break for half term & during the school holidays. A full term is usually between 12 and 15 weeks long. This means payments for the term are usually between £204.00 and £255.00.

I want to join but it's not the start of term. How much is it now?

We'll only charge you for the lessons that are left in the term, at our normal lesson fee of £17.00 per 30min lesson. When it's time, you'll then receive an invoice for the following full term.

I want to cancel but I've still got lessons left that I've paid for. What happens next?

When you pay your Creative Music invoice you are committing to a full term. If you cancel halfway through the term we can offer you a gift voucher to the value of your remaining lessons, which you can hold onto or give to a friend.


Our Referral scheme is a great way for you to save money on the lessons you pay for. If you have friends or family that want to start music lessons then just suggest Creative Music to them. If after their free taster lesson they sign up for the term then you get £17.00 off your next invoice as a thank you from us. Make sure the person you refer mentions your name so that we know who to credit. Below are some frequently asked questions about our scheme:

My friend forgot to mention my name when they signed up. Do I still get a free lesson?

Sure. Just give us a call as soon as you can and we’ll add the lesson credit to your name in the database. Don’t leave it too long though, otherwise we might not be able to honour the referral.


I know my referral is only successful if my friend signs up for 4 consecutive lessons. What happens if there are less than 4 weeks left in the term when they sign up?


We’ll hold off giving you the credit until the start of the next term. If your friend continues with their lessons in the new term then your lesson credit is on the way and you’ll see the reduction in your following terms invoice.


I’ve signed up lots of people but won’t be carrying on with my lessons at Creative Music next term. Do I get a refund or any kind of benefit for the referrals I’ve made?


Fair is fair. If you’ve been putting in the work to successfully refer people then you deserve something from us. If you leave us before using your credits we’ll turn that value into a gift voucher that you can use at a later date or give to someone else.

I don’t want lesson credits for my referrals, I’d rather have the cash back from this terms payment. Is that possible?

The referral scheme works on a credit basis. Hold tight until the following term and reap the rewards of all your hard work!


I’m a parent and my child has referred one of their friends. How does this work?


When you child’s friend signs up they need mention either your child’s name or yours. We’ll add the referral credit to your next term’s invoice.


I have more than one child that has lessons at Creative Music. If they both refer the same friend, do we get 2 credits?

Sadly not. You receive one lesson credit per new student that you refer. You can’t refer the same student more than once. But maybe they’ve got brothers or sisters (or even parents) you can refer to bump up your credits.