Use the options below to find the most frequently asked questions about us and our services...


Should I come into the lesson with my child?

Completely up to you. We suggest that your child spends 1-on-1 time with their tutor, in our experience it makes the lessons effective and serves as a really positive experience for your child's social development. All of our tutors have been advanced DBS checked as part of their enrolment so your child is safe with our tutors. 

Can we do group lessons?

No. Creative Music offers individual lessons so that students receive feedback and support that is specific to their own progression.

I want to learn multiple instruments in my lessons - can I change each week?

No. Students sign up for a single instrument when they pay for the term. If you would like to learn multiple instruments you'll need to pay a second invoice for those lessons.


How much will a term cost?

Our term dates match the school calendar meaning we break for half term & during the school holidays. A full term is usually between 12 and 15 weeks long. This means payments for the term are usually between £204.00 and £255.00.

I want to join but it's not the start of term. How much is it now?

We'll only charge you for the lessons that are left in the term, at our normal lesson fee of £17.00 per 30min lesson. When it's time, you'll then receive an invoice for the following full term.

I want to cancel but I've still got lessons left that I've paid for. What happens next?

When you pay your Creative Music invoice you are committing to a full term. If you cancel halfway through the term we can offer you a gift voucher to the value of your remaining lessons, which you can hold onto or give to a friend.