Technical Development

Here you will find a series of tips and tricks from some of the greats to help you improve your technique and overall musicianship.

Funky right hand picking technique - Cory Wong

Here Cory Wong from the band Vulfpeck talks you through his right hand technique. Top comment on YouTube describes his hand like "a tarantula in a cement mixer.

Blake Mills - Guitar Moves

Guitar Moves is a great series that interviews guitarists about their specific individual style. Here Blake Mills covers some really exciting and fun tips and tricks but also plays beautifully. Topics covered include; making your guitar sound like a Sitar and a Marimba, as well as cuban style chord melody. Check it out!

Guthrie Govan - String Bending 

If you haven't heard of Guthrie Govan you are in for a treat. Undoubtedly one of the most talented guitarists on the planet and also a brilliant educator. Here Guthrie takes the Aminor Pentatonic scale for some string bending fun. If you're looking to improve your blues repertoire/improvisation this is a great place to start. 

Ben Halliday