Music Theory

I once read....

"How do you get a guitarist to stop playing? Show them some sheet music"

It's funny cos it's true... or is it?

Here's an opportunity to delve into some content we recommend to expand your mind and enhance your understanding of the fundamentals of music theory.

Remember... This rabbit hole goes deep, so try and digest bits in chunks and apply it into your playing!



The Power of the Pentatonic Scale

Difficulty *

 Here's a video from Bobby McFerrin demonstrating the power of the pentatonic scale on an unsuspecting audience. Mr McFerrin is the type of guy you'd want over for Christmas. He's most famous for "Don't Worry Be Happy" and if you're charmed by this video I suggest watching this performance for an exemplary demonstration of what he can do with his voice.

Tip: This video should highlight that you are able to recognise intervals and the pentatonic scale even if you don't think you know the notes yet!

Harmonic Analysis of Hallelujah 

Difficulty ****

This video delves deep into the classic song written by Leonard Cohen called Hallelujah. It's an in-depth analysis of what makes this song so great, and how the lyrics are cleverly describing to the listener what is happening harmonically. Be warned, this one is tricky to wrap your head around but it covers some really useful topics.

Tip: Don't stress if you do not digest and understand all of this. Remember, if you slowly chip away at music theory you will begin to piece the puzzle together.


Ben Halliday