Live Performances

Here's a collection of our favourite live performances for you to enjoy from all different styles and eras...

Vulfpeck - Dean Town 

This tune is a fine display of a band locked into a groove. Some serious riffing and funk going on here, plus the drummer is using a lamp shade as a ride cymbal. What more could you want?

If you found this interesting and would like to see the guitarist from this band talk about how he maintains that funk rhythm with his right hand technique please visit the Technical Development section of The Portal.

Jimi Hendrix playing a 12 string acoustic

What would a guitar blog be without a bit of Jimi? This is one of our favourite videos of the force of nature and a rare chance to see him work his magic on an acoustic. Also check out that outfit. Strong.

Yussef Kamaal - Calligraphy 

Yussef Kamaal were a band that blurred the lines between jazz/funk/break beat/disco. Sadly they have now split up, but each individual musician is involved in other projects. The guitarist in this video is Mansur Brown. If you enjoyed this, check out this video of the guys on a bus. The boys can play!

Ben Halliday